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  1. Click Windows logo and type: Control Panel
  2. Type: advance in search box
  3. Click on View advanced system setting
  4. Click on Advanced tab and Environment Variables
  5. Click on Path in System variables section
  6. Click Edit
  7. Click New if you want to add new path or Edit if you want to edit your path.
  8. Click OK if you have done adding or editing. 
  9. That's it!!.
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Myanmar food in Bangkok

A colleague of my friend told her that he saw a Lahpet (Tea leaf salad) in Phrakanong Market. We went there and explore and found varieties of Myanmar food. I took some photos. I saved the location we went and shared at the bottom of this post. Check this out. :) 

Compiled Error in temporary files after changing project name

I received a compiled error after changing my project name and I found out the refactoring missed the the spot in web.config file under Views folder. I am sorry I forgot to take a screenshot of the error message I received.

I you receive a compile error after changing your project name. You can check here.


I am using Visual Studio 2017 Community edition.

Hope this can help someone :)