Saturday, March 26, 2016

Start XAMPP Apache and others from Terminal ( Command Line )

$ ./xampp apache start
Usage: xampp <action>

start         Start XAMPP (Apache, MySQL and eventually others)
startapache   Start only Apache
startmysql    Start only MySQL
startftp      Start only ProFTPD

stop          Stop XAMPP (Apache, MySQL and eventually others)
stopapache    Stop only Apache
stopmysql     Stop only MySQL
stopftp       Stop only ProFTPD

reload        Reload XAMPP (Apache, MySQL and eventually others)
reloadapache  Reload only Apache
reloadmysql   Reload only MySQL
reloadftp     Reload only ProFTPD

restart       Stop and start XAMPP
security      Check XAMPP's security

enablessl     Enable SSL support for Apache
disablessl    Disable SSL support for Apache

backup        Make backup file of your XAMPP config, log and data files

oci8          Enable the oci8 extenssion

fix_rights    Resets file permissions.

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