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Justus cover - When you say nothing at all

Portrait of Lotte - 0 to 14 years in 4 min. (The Original)

Must see Amazing video!! ;)
This is what the father said :

This new Time-Lapse shows Lotte changing from baby to 14 years in 4 min. ©2014 Copyright Frans Hofmeester.

The music is produced by Hollywood composer Mateo Messina. From Baby to 14 Years. On october 28 Lotte became 14 years old. Birth to 14 years in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)
Lotte en Vince komen uit Nederland. Lotte is a dutch girl.

I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14 years old an then made this time lapse edit.
Pai registra todos os meses da filha,do nascimento aos 14 anos de idade. Hier finden Sie die Zeitraffer Filme von Lotte & Vince.
El nacimiento hasta los 14 años en 4 min. Lapso de tiempo Lotte.
Van geboorte tot 14 jaar in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)
De la naissance à 14 ans en 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)
Dalla nascita ai 14 anni in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original)

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Sheppard - Geronimo (Official Lyric Video)

သၾကၤန္မိုးရုပ္ရွင္သီခ်င္းမ်ား (၁) (+playlist)

this playlist is prepared by Khun Sar on youtube

Tha Gyan Moe - Full Movie #Myanmar

uploaded by New Burma on youtube

sorry guys...this movie doesn't have sub-title yet. This is a classic movie about Thingyan Festival. Thanks for visiting my blog.
please come again though... there will be more for you next time. cheers

Myanmar Thingyan Festival

Thingyan is the Burmese New Year Water Festival and usually starts at April 13th and ends at April 17 except for the certain years, it adds one extra day. It falls in Burmese month of Tagu. It is a buddhist festival which everyone can join and celebrate.

Padauk[Pterocarpus macrocarpus] is the theme flower of the festival. Water-playing is unique feature of the festival.

 There are four days -:
1. Thingyan Eve (a-kyo nei)
It is the first day of the festival, water throwing does not begin on this day.

2.  Thingyan Day 1 (a-kya nei)
Festival fully starts on this day. Water games started through out the country.

3. Thingyan Day 2 (a-kyat nei)
There may be 2 of them in some certain years.

4. Thingyan Day 3 (a-tat nei)
Which is the last day for playing water. Sometime people plays water until mid-night on this day.

5. New Year Day (hnit hsan ta yet nei)
On this day, no water playing is allow. People are going to pagodas, monastries, temples to do variety of religious activities and other mer…

Pop Danthology 2013 - Mashup of 68 songs!

PopLove 2 (2013) - ♫ 56 Songs Mashup by Robin Skouteris

Jason Derulo "Trumpets" (Official HD Music Video)


Post by Myanmar Pictures.
Chinlone is the traditional sport of Burma (Myanmar). Chinlone is a combination of sport and dance, a team sport with no opposing team.

ABAC Thingyan Water Festival 2014

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