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Chiang Mai Thingyan 2012 (Thai and Burmese New Year)

Uploaded to youtube by : netmedia20001
Below paragraph was copied from Thingyan from wikipedia
"Thingyan (Burmeseသင်္ကြန်MLCTSsangkran[θɪ́ɴdʑàɴ]Arakanese[θɔ́ɴkràɴ]; from Pali sankanta, which translates 'transit [of the Sun from Pisces to Aries ]'[1]) is the Burmese New Year Water Festival and usually falls around mid-April (the Burmese month of Tagu). It is a Buddhist festival celebrated over a period of four to five days culminating in the new year. Formerly the dates of the Thingyan festival are calculated according to the traditional Burmese lunisolar calendar, but now fixed to Gregorian calendar 13 to 16 April; it often coincides with Easter[2]. The dates of the festival are observed as the most important public holiday throughout Burma and are part of the summer holidays at the end of the school year. Water-throwing or dousing one another from any shape or form of vessel or device that delivers water is the distinguishing feature of this festival and may be done on the first four days of the festival. However, in most parts of the country, it does not begin in earnest until the second day. Thingyan is comparable to other new year festivities in Theravada Buddhist areas of Southeast Asia such as Lao New YearCambodian New Year and Songkran in Thailand."

Note : All credits go to their rightful owners.

Planet Earth

Uploaded by : DaveandNic4eva
Music : Two Steps From Hell - Eria

Uploaded by : HipHoff
Music : Loreena McKennit - Night Ride Across The Caucasus

Uploaded and owned by BBCWorldwide
Messages from the  BBCWorldwide :
Two cameramen out on the frozen landscape of the Arctic have a terrifyingly close encounter with a male polar bear in this dramatic video from BBC natural history show, Planet Earth.

‘Earth Day’ LED light bulb

images :

It is a $60 bulb, which is made with LED technology by Philips, just in time for "Earth Day". Some retailers may bring the price down to about 20$ but the price is still high for the consumers. The life-span of the bulb can last up to 20 years.

Stream 1 & 2 - NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Live Video Feed

Message from Stream owner : 
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What Are You Seeing? You are watching a video feed from the NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer as it investigates the deep waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico. The video feed will change during the day (or night) depending on the scheduled ship operations.

When a dive is underway, the feed is typically from the Little Hercules remotely operated vehicle (ROV) camera and during multibeam operations the feed displays the multibeam acquisition computer screen. This feed may also switch to the Port HD Robo camera on the fantail for launch/recovery. The embedded audio on this feed is from the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer line and the telecon.

During ROV launch and recovery, you may see live footage from the Port and/or Starboard HD Robo cameras. At other times, when the ROV is not being deployed/recovered or is not in the water, you may see people working in the shipboard mission control room, pre-recorded dive footage, and other panoramic views such as sunsets.

The dive schedule is pretty consistent - the ROV is launched and in the water each day around 8 A.M. CDT and brought back to the surface around 5 P.M. CDT. Depending on the depth of the dive, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to more than three hours to get to the bottom (or surface), so sometimes all you will see is blue water when you first click the videos. If so, either it is early morning and the Little Herc is descending to bottom or it is afternoon and the ROV is ascending. Mapping operations occur when the ROV is not in the water and you can watch the seafloor being mapped in real time. All video courtesy of NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program.

Tune in often to catch all the action aboard America's Ship for Ocean Exploration!

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** All credits go to NOAA :

Battle Los Angeles-The Catalyst (HD 720p)

Message from uploader : lpcraze91
A music video i made to the movie Battle Los Angeles with the song The Catalyst by Linkin Park. SOME SPOILERS INCLUDED. I do not own any rights to this movie all rights go to Columbia Pictures.

**I do not own both movie and the music. All rights and credits go to their respective owners.

FlashPoint - In Pieces [Linkin Park]

Everything may change in a flash, Falshpoint. Music video made with a great serie, Flashpoint. Not too much shooting but pretty intence about the Strategic responce Unit of Toronto's Police. Something like american SWAT. I really like that serie, specially the 4th episode of 2nd season, the one of the 'Baby Sniper'. Really cool, must be watched. The song is In Pieces by Linkin Park. Uploaded to YouTube by : Rommel5055Returns

48 hours in Mandalay #mandalay #myanmar

Message from the video owner : aungmyat711990 on YouTube.
This is our latest work that we shot in Mandalay which is the 2nd-largest city and the last royal capital of Burma (Myanmar). We tried our best in this clip & finished my directing during 48 hours through sleepless night! I just want to show what're the living style & belief of Mandalay people and how lovely it ! Please check it out & hope to get any comments to improve for our future works! (AUNG MYAT)


This is test

This is a test post using blogger iPhone application. But sad to say that i cannot find the one for iPad. This app seems great apart from a little bit of blurry in 2x view mode.

How to turn off IIS 7?

Hi there! I have been busy with my exams for past several weeks. Tonight, just a few minutes ago, i,ve got something came to my attention to share with you guys.

 It is not a new one. I believe many of you guys may already knew it.

That "how to turn off iis 7 on your windows 7 pc"
 Here's a way:
1: Type services.msc in Rum box to open windows services console
2: Right click on World Wide Web Publishing service
3: Open properties dialog box
4: Select the "Startup type" to "disabled".
5: Click OK And done.

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