Wednesday, January 11, 2012

High Ranking Customs Official Physically Abuses Airport Security (ซี7ฉุน ตบบ้องหูกลางสุวรรณภูมิ 11 Jan 2012 )

Anyone think abuse of power is a rampant occurrence in Thailand? Well, this story will prove you right. A video clip has been making rounds on social networks in Thailand. The clip was posted on You Tube by someone who calls themselves “Bilingual Thailand”. The poster claims that this video clip was taken from footage of a close circuit camera in an airport. Stopping short of naming which airport the clip was taken from, “Bilingual Thailand” claims that the older gentleman wearing glasses is a high ranking official in the Customs Department who refused to go through the airport's normal security checks.

In the 1.14 minute long clip, airport security personnel tried to use a metal detector on this particular gentleman, but the said gentlemen immediately refused and continued to tell the airport personnel off. After which, he boxed the official's ears and continued with his tirade as dumbfounded onlookers watched.

“Bilingual Thailand” includes their own comment in the caption saying that just because some people have high ranking titles does not mean they have high intellect. They go on to comment about how sad it is that high ranking Thai officials like to flex their muscles when dealing with lower ranking officials, but once they walk off Thai soil, they become closed-lipped mice themselves.

In the latest development, the secretary general of the Customs Department has suspended the civil servant in the clip and has launched an investigation into the matter. The investigation is said to be complete within 30 days.

Translated from All Credits go to ThaiVisa.Com

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