You guys may have already known her. She is popularly known by mononym Charice. She is from Philippines and was born in 1992. Her first single, Charice, hit number-eight in Top 10 albums of Billboard 200. Her first studio album Charice was release in 2010 internationally. She's got a really amazing power of voice. Thanks to YouTube, I can bring you guys several of her songs. Have a good time enjoying genuinely nice music. Thanks. 

Charice My Heart Will Go On
Charice and Celine Dion duet at Madison Square Garden
Charice - All By Myself, David Foster Mandalay Bay
Charice - To Love You More/All By Myself
Charice - Listen @ San Remo
Charice - I will always love you (English-Japanese Sub-title)
Charice in Korea: Endless Love
Charice - Pyramid (ACOUSTIC LIVE!) This video contains contents of billboard.com and uploaded to youtube by BillboardMagazine
Video credits go to natanielfcp, MakingResonance, Geckos9133 and pinoybigbuboy, awesome contributors from YouTube. Enjoy!!!