Thursday, January 19, 2012

Charice's from Philippines

You guys may have already known her. She is popularly known by mononym Charice. She is from Philippines and was born in 1992. Her first single, Charice, hit number-eight in Top 10 albums of Billboard 200. Her first studio album Charice was release in 2010 internationally. She's got a really amazing power of voice. Thanks to YouTube, I can bring you guys several of her songs. Have a good time enjoying genuinely nice music. Thanks. 

Charice My Heart Will Go On
Charice and Celine Dion duet at Madison Square Garden
Charice - All By Myself, David Foster Mandalay Bay
Charice - To Love You More/All By Myself
Charice - Listen @ San Remo
Charice - I will always love you (English-Japanese Sub-title)
Charice in Korea: Endless Love
Charice - Pyramid (ACOUSTIC LIVE!) This video contains contents of and uploaded to youtube by BillboardMagazine
Video credits go to natanielfcp, MakingResonance, Geckos9133 and pinoybigbuboy, awesome contributors from YouTube. Enjoy!!!

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