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Catalonia, the mainland region of Spain bans bullfighting on animal cruelty grounds

Spain's Catalonia bans bullfighting after its paliament voted 68 in favor and 55 against, Wednesday to outlaw the tradition on animal cruelty grounds.It became the first Spanish mainland region to ban bullfighting.

Parents-to-be 'should stop filming ultrasounds'

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The Society and College of Radiographers says there are an increasing number of reports of patients trying to make recordings.
But it warns sonographers could be distracted, and miss vital signs of problems in the developing baby.
It is down to individual hospitals to decide if recordings should be allowed.
The college, which says that developments in technology mean the ways in which such recordings could be made are bound to increase, has now issued guidance to its members on how to deal with patients' requests to film scans.
It says that, as well as the risk of diverting the sonographer's attention at the point when they most need to concentrate, there could be legal complications if an abnormality is recorded by the scan, but not reported or acted upon.
Many hospital trusts allow parents-to-be to take away stills from the scan, usually for a charge.

MySQL : "The user specified as a definer ('root'@'%') does not exist"

If you've found following error while using mysql database:
The user specified as a definer ('root'@'%') does not exist
Then you can solve it by using following :
grant all on *.* to 'root'@'%' identified by 'password' with grant option;

Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak Warning In North Thailand

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What is Legionnaires' Disease?
The first instance of Legionnaire's disease in Thailand was found in 1995, when a British tourist was found infected in Pattaya. Later, in 1999 three Britons were found infected in Chiang Mai and then in 2006, six tourists were found infected in Phuket, Injai Wongrattanasathien said. There has been a significant increase in the number of patients in the North, though the figures cannot be revealed as it would hurt tourism, Injai said.

To control and prevent infections, hotels and business establishments have been urged to keep their airconditioning and water system clean, and for people - especially the elderly and smokers - to wear facemasks when entering contaminated sites.

The symptoms of Legionnaire's disease are similar to flu, though the patient could die from severe lung infection within three weeks if treatment is not sought right away, he said.

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Countrywide WiFi will be implemented in 2 years in Thailand

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) promises that 2 megabit per second wireless internet will
be made available across Thailand at low price within 2 years. read more at ThaiVisa





Little time machine.

Germany is going to be defeated by Spain tomorrow, predicted by Paul the Octopus

photo comes from : Google News

Paul, 2 years old Octopus from Germany, has picked the Spain as a winner for tomorrow World Cup 2010 Semi-final match during his oracle. Paul predicted all German matches during the whole World Cup and so far 100% right. He was born in England and raised in Germany. Paul is now living at SeaLife Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany.

Have a drink!


Have a beautiful Sunday!

A Car for blind

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US Scientists and the National Federation of the Blind are developing a car for the blind and will present a prototype next year.
The vehicle will be fitted with technology that allows a blind person to drive independently, the NFB and Virginia Tech University said.

Inside Mazda 3 (after lunch)


This is another test post from N81. :) Bangkok Local Time 13:45.

Toyota recalls 270,000 vehicles

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A Toyota spokesman said the recall included seven luxury Lexus models and the popular Toyota Crown.
The latest quality problem follows the recall of more than 8m vehicles which had problems with sticking accelerator pedals earlier this year.
The company was fined $16m in the United States for its slow response to the accelerator fault. read more :

Heavy Raining


Heavy raining in the morning of Bangkok. It's 7:30 in the morning and can't see the sun yet. This photo is taken on the Bangkok - Chonburi Motorway.

Urban Sunset


iPhone 4 Antenna Glitch Sparks Lawsuit

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A pair of Maryland residents filed a lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday, claiming the iPhone 4's wonky antenna has caused them "emotional distress," as well as annoyance and aggravation.
"Plaintiffs were sold defective iPhone 4 units, which drop calls and data services when held in a manner consistent with normal wireless phone use," plaintiffs Kevin McCaffrey and Linda Wrinn said in court papers filed in U.S. District Court for Maryland.