Saturday, June 5, 2010

Once upon the time, there was a country called "MYANMAR". And it was a very rich country. blah blah blah....

This story  is written by : lynnnayko.

I'm feeling a little shock as I heard the news that my country, "Myanmar is seeking nuclear".
Only a little bit, because I knew our government is total stupid and the most worst government in the world.
Being besieged by Military Government for over 30 years, the country have sunk into total poverty and its people doesn't really have a choice for their life.  Today, most young people and educated people are fleeing the country for their life.
To acquire the nuclear, is the huge investment. There are a lot of question marks too. The FIRST is the SAFETY.
For environment :
             Where are they going to throw nuclear wastes? In the mountains or in the sea?
             Currently, most of the mountains were bald-headed.
For economy and education :
             Is there any plan to improve health care and education?
             Is there any plan for giving electricity to the cities?

They are the issues as far as I can recall. The answer for those questions, is, "NO".

Actually, the problem is not only Myanmar Government, but also the anti-government groups, those who taking money and donation from foreign organizations and have done nothing.
This is about lives that you are pointing out and selling.

To so-called Revolutionary leaders and remote government of Myanmar,you must know, a lot of people are dying of starvation while you are sipping wine, gossiping about your
home town, writing a report to make every burmese is stupid and to get new car.

Now, our flag is turning upside-down. Our country is about to be destroyed. What are you gonna do?

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Anonymous said...

your country is a shit! go n eat it lool