Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cairo court rules on Egyptians married to Israeli women

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A court in Cairo has upheld a ruling urging the government to consider stripping of their citizenship Egyptian men who are married to Israeli women.
The ruling requires officials to send all such cases to the cabinet, to be decided on an individual basis.
The interior ministry had appealed againt the original ruling, made by a lower court last year.
The new decision is seen as a sign of negative feeling towards Israel in Egypt, despite a 1979 peace treaty.
Anti-Israeli sentiment is high in the country in the aftermath of Israeli raids on Gaza aid ships - but the long-scheduled court decision was not connected.
It calls on the cabinet to determine whether to remove the nationality of the men concerned, as well as that of their children.
The court said the government should consider whether the Israeli woman was an Arab or a Jew.
It is estimated that about 30,000 Egyptians are married to Israeli women.

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