Saturday, May 15, 2010

World needs Bangkok's Smiles

written by lynnnayko.
Friends and  colleagues are still planning for outing, clubbing and partying as happy hours for Friday night is drawing on second week of May 2010. Despite of happening clashes between troops and protesters, the Friday is still beautiful and lovely between starry sky and smiley ground like nothing's happening at the downtown.

"Thai forces in Bangkok have fired live rounds after surrounding a fortified protesters' camp amid clashes that left at least eight people dead."

The similar news are popping up across the front pages of the news papers around the world. That's what people see and that's the whole world see.

Thailand is the land of smiles, that's what I believe and the whole world believes. Those smiles are being destroyed again and again in these years.

Now Thailand needs a strength to carry on those smiles, everything need to be back to normal. 

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