Friday, May 21, 2010

New task force to return city to normal

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The Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) is setting up a special task force to ensure security for the people of Bangkok in the wake of Wednesday's political violence, and a centre to assist and rehabilitate businesses affected by the unrest, acting government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn said in a televised statement on Friday.
Authorities also announced that some restrictions under emergency law would be softened to ease public inconvenience, and that  suspended public transport services would resume soon.
Mr Panitan said the task force comprises police, members of the three armed forces, civilians and disaster relief officials of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Their taskl is to return peace and order to communities in Bangkok.
The task force  was being set up today.  Units would then patrol the  various communities to prevent unrest, acts of sabotage and other unlawful activities.

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