Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hkakabo Razi of Myanmar (Burma)

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Hkakabo Razi
Elevation 5,881 metres (19,294 feet)
Location Kachin, Myanmar
Range Himalaya
Coordinates 28°19′59″N, 97°28′00″E
First ascent September 15, 1996

Hkakabo Razi  is Southeast Asia's highest mountain, located in the northern Burmese state of Kachin.
It lies in an outlying subrange of the Greater Himalayan mountain system.The mountain lies on the border tri-point between Burma, China, and India.
The peak is enclosed within Hkakabo Razi National Park. The park is entirely mountainous and is characterized by broad-leaved evergreen rain forest, a sub-tropical temperate zone from 2,438 to 2,743 metres (7,999–8,999 ft), then broad-leaved, semi-deciduous forest and finally needle-leaved evergreen, snow forest. Above 3,353 metres (11,001 ft), the highest forest zone is alpine, different not only in kind from the forest, but different in history and origin. Still higher up, around 4,572 metres (15,000 ft), cold, barren, windswept terrain and permanent snow and glaciers dominate. At around 5,334 metres (17,500 ft), there is a large ice cap with several outlet glaciers.

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