Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Google is watching you.

Google Dashboard is a tool that will present you all the activities which you have done on its several services.
Google Dashboard, already supported following Google Services :
1. Account
2. Analytics
3. Blogger
4. Calendar
5. Contacts
6. Docs
7. FriendConnect
8. Gmail
9. GTalk
10. Tasks
11. Web History
12. Youtube
The following 6 services are not available in Google Dashboard :
1. FeedBurner
2. Google AdSense
3. Google Bookmarks
4. Google Page Creator
5. Google Sites
6. Google Webmaster Tools

Google, has done a another great job. But as there are always pros and cons. The service, Google Dashboard, may help us a lot. But, as of my opinion, this may also put user privacy at more risk if user's password is stolen or hacked.

Beware!! Guys... Don't even think about doing nasty things on Internet while your Google account logged in, your girl friend's gonna find out about it soon. :P

source video : CNN.COM

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