Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Abandoned City

(Place : Shwe Taung Tan Street, Lanmadaw Tsp, Yangon) 
Sorry for poor quality of image as it has been taken by cell.

"Our plane is now approaching to land at city of Yangon" announced by the airhost of Myanmar Airways International. I'm looking outside beneath me as I'm hearing the announcement.
All I see is the dark with a few blinks of the street lights, "The Dark" of the city. This is some kind of mark for the country which is isolated for nearly 47 years. I felt the hot air touching
my skin as I left the airport main concourse. There were a lot of taxis waiting outside and trying to get hired. "Where are you going, my brother?" I heard the tired voice close
enough to my ears. I looked at his car and decided to hire him, "My car is air-conditioned" he said. The weather is quite hot with humided air. I'm feeling sticky on my skin.
I've heard the airhost voice "There are 17 KM to get into the city." before I'm alighting the aircraft. I asked him "How much for going to downtown?". "5000 Ks" he replied. Then I said "OK.".
I got into his car and found the off-service meter machine attached to right middle of the dashboard. But it run by CNG, sign showed, and it's actually do.
I was looking into hot night as we left the airport. I can't believe my eyes. Everythings were the same as before, just same as 5 years ago, the only changes I noticed is getting old.
Everythings are getting old, even also the air and oxygen which is surviving the city.

Please excuse for my poor english. Thank you very much.