Friday, September 25, 2009

ThaNaKhar - Blackhole

"ပါးေပၚမွာ သနပ္ခါးေလးနဲ႔ ခ်စ္စရာေကာင္းလိုက္တာကြာ "
"Parr paw mhar ThaNaKhar lay nat chit sayar kaung lite tar kwar.", which means "Girl, you are too cute with ThaNaKhar on your face."
This is a popular song which is created by a band called "Blackhole" from Myanmar (formerly Burma).

What does ThaNaKhar mean?

“ThaNaKhar”, is an important beautifier for the ladies of Myanmar in all walks of life since over a thousand year back.
It is a traditional and natural cosmetic to all Myanmar people including all ages and genders, countries and cities, all over the country.
“ThaNaKhar”, is a word of Myanmar for a kind of tree call Limonia acidissima, and we, burmese people called it “ThaNaKhar” tree, which can be found in the dry zone of the middle and upper regions of Myanmar.

More than other kinds of modern cosmetic product does, “Tha Na Khar” makes people skin smooth, prevents exposing of direct sunlight or heavy wind, moisturizes and cool by naturally. And It can also be used as a traditional medicine.
It can also be used in both powder and paste types. It is also very common to see young boys wearing "ThaNaKhar" in almost every parts of the country.

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