Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let the BOSS talk first.

Once upon the time, Boss, senior manager and junior manager were on their way to meeting at the another town.
On their way, they've stopped for a short break for the fast food at the gas station since they haven't had any food yet. When they are back from food, surprisely found a lamp in their car. "It looks like an ancient lamp" said one of them, he picked it up and rubbed it accidentally.
"WOOP!!" as they saw the white smoke are coming out of the lamp. When the smoke is cleard they saw the Giant before them.
"I'm the guardian giant of this lamp" said Giant, "you can ask whatever you want but one each only".
Senior Manager couldn't wait and asked "I wanna be in hotel with world prettiest girl with nothing to worry and truck load of money". Giant granted his wish and senior manager disappeared.
Junior Manager also couldn't wait to shout. "I wanna be in Las Vegas with beauties and big house." and he's disappeared.
And now is turn for the Boss. Boss asked calmly "I want those two idiots back in this car now.".

This story is created by me based on funny story which i received via email. Thank you very much for your visit. It means a lot to me.

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