Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Service

"Yeah, my daughter also in London, studying Computer" said the woman in her 40s. With high tone. The woman pretending like she is chitchatting, but obviously she is leveling up her pride. 
This is in the Embassy of the Union Of Myanmar in Bangkok. She has got room's attention as she asked officer about some major title or some high rank officials, and i'm wondering if it's required. I heard her that she was there to pay income tax to embassy. An officer asked her to fill up some form, and then I got my turn in queue.
I didn't ask for major name, and I got my form to fill up. I've forgotten about her already. Then I've done filling up and submitting.
When I was asked to wait for a moment by officer gently, honestly he is really gentle, I tried to start conversation with my friend. After a few moments, a man appeared from nowhere and greeted to that woman.
From that moment on, the whole room was shot by high tone words such as New York, London, Cambridge, Singapore, NUS (National University Of Singapore), NTU, Nanyang Poly, LA., and so on.
Finally, "Let's play golf later sometime" woman said. "I didn't bring a stick" replied a man. The war has ended after making farewell with huge words. Then, I heard my name's
called and my waiting has ended.
Anyway, honestly, I must admit, today service of Bangkok Myanmar Embassy is awesome. It took only 45 minutes, the most fastest service, i've ever experienced so far, from our government agencies.
Finally, I'm feeling lighter and happy of getting done the pending jobs.

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Anonymous said...

Please post such a similar news. I am ever pleased to hear about how they are good to us.