Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taxi-Cheaters At Bangkok (Another Taxi Scandal of Bangkok, Thailand)

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I was shocked and upset when i experienced this kind of incident at the city of Bangkok, Thailand.
Actually, I have heard this kind of stories many times. May be, some of you guys also had an experience of it. Beware of Taxi if you are coming to Bangkok.
My brother who's working as Seaman arrived to Bangkok last night and called me to meet him at Tesco Lotus which is near by Port Authority of Thailand at Klongteoy District of Bangkok.

This morning, I left my place at around 8 AM to get there and planned to get back at around 10 AM with my two friends of mine.
We hired a taxi and showed him the map and make sure he knew the place before getting aboard it.

He said he knew the place gave the sign "OK".
I actually knew that route since I have been to that place once. And we got on it and started the trip.
The driver, he took the another route which different from what I know.
First, I thought he took this route because of rush-hour traffic (BKK's traffic are so crowded like hell in the morning and the evening).
And he went into Gas Station and then started taking wrong route. I tried to warn him and got a reply "sabai sabai".
After I saw the road sign those are not supposed to be shown on our route, I decided to ask him to stop the car and get off.
Unbelievable, He is still trying to cheat us until I got angry and started talking with hard tone.
I would like to warn all of my friends and reader of this post to be aware of taxi-cheater when you are giving visit to Bangkok, Thailand.

Fixed-Rate Taxi at Bangkok
And I'm also surprised to know about the fixed-rate taxi with meter.
We took the taxi from Tesco Lotus at Klongteoy near PAT to YWCA, Sathorn Rd to do remittance. We were asked to pay 100 Baht. And surprised that same story on this case when returning from YWCA to PAT, this time 150 Baht. My brother and his friend have to return to their ship in time, they have no choice except to pay asked amount.

Above incidents were all happened under the sunny day light. I'm really upset today, my friends.
Thanks for reading my post and really appreciate for your visit. It means a lot to me. Please excuse me for my poor English.

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yin said...

agreee with you!! i avoid taking taxi if i dont need urgent. when i need it, i asked my thai friend to talk to the taxi driver telling him where i wanted to go. So i faced less incidence of being cheated by them.