Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love and Privacy

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When people are falling in love, they want to share everythings each other by naturally and it is ok. But sometimes, sharing the thing like email password or private information may lead to serious social problems. Are you sure that you really want your partner know everythings about you, about every single things in your life??? Everybody have their own secrecies and  privacy.

Let say, your girlfriend or boyfriend gives you his/her password and means he/she to let you know every moves he's/she's gonna make. Do you really know him/her? May be he/she will use another account to do another moves and never tell you. In case like that, what are you going to do?
If someone really want to break the promises, they will do it in anyway. Sometimes, loving someone looks like playing a lottery.

Let say, if you are sharing information like your email password. And your partner will check your email and found something which is intending for your eyes only or (nowsday chat program is also available in the several email programs) some of your friends are making joke of you that shoudn't your partner know, then. What will happen?? If your partner is really mature enough, it will be ok. But if not??

I think, the important thing in relationship is trust, respect and faith, not revealing each other privacy. I believe that relationship with no trust or respect or faith will never be lasting.

I'm just presenting my opinions, no intention of making big mouth.

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