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Boy's dreams were ruined by the rule of ministry.


photo :

"Every child has the freedom and the right to education. Refusing to grant him Thai nationality is understandable, but denying him educational opportunities is unacceptable," said law lecturer Phunthip Kanchanachittra Saisoonthorn of Thammasat University.

Mong Thongdee, 12 years old paper airplane champion, may miss the chance to represent Thailand at an international competition to be held in Chiba, Japan, on Sept 19-20.

Child of Burmese construction workers in Chiang Mai, Mong is a stateless child, which means he cannot have a passport or a chance to travel overseas.

He is a Prathom 4 student from Ban Huay Sai school in Chiang Mai's Muang district, was a winner of last year's national paper airplane contest, organised by the National Metal and Materials Technology Centre(Mtec) in Bangkok.

His paper airplane stayed in air for 12.50 seconds - the longest in his age category, under-12 category, qualifying him as the country's representative at a paper airplane competition to be held in Japan.

But he may miss a chance to attend the bi-annual "oriplane" contest due to his nationality problem.

"I love to fold paper airplanes, and I will continue to do so even if I cannot go to Japan" said Mong during the phone interview with Bangkok Post.

Headmaster of Ban Huay Sai school, Duangrit Kesima, had asked Interior Ministry to let the boy travel to Japan.

"Officials told us that allowing a stateless person to leave the country will be a treat to national security. But this boy won't harm anybody. He will only make us proud." he said.
MTEC has to submit the names of the Thai contestants no later than next week. If Mong cannot make it, MTEC will send his runner-up, Attawut Aimwantana instead.

Interior Ministry spokesman said on Friday that Minister had told the officials to find ways to help the boy.

However, Mr Supachai Jaisamut, ruled out the possibility of giving the boy Thai citizenship, because he was born to migrant workers.

reference : BangkokPost :
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Girlfriend from Hell

This is happening in Singapore.


Big Ass - Dust

TUR-YOO-TEE-NAI!! KID-TEUNG-TUR....(Where are you,love? I miss you....)
I still miss you so much. Can you hear me? You're still in this heart of mine.

Big Ass!!! ... One of the famous bands in Thailand.
It was originally a pop rock band but the music moved toward hardcore punk in some of their recent works. Their sixth and latest album is Love and was released in 2008.
They released their first album "Not Bad" in 1997.

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Kokoro no tomo (Friend in my heart)

Mayami Itsuma - kokoro no tomo (Friend of my heart)

I'm still hearing the metallic sweet voice through my phone on one fading evening of the island city.
On that day, while I was talking to you, I was sitting in the bonsai garden just beside my office, may be you were on the bus on your way back home.

At that time, we were at only 1 hour away. I thought we might be getting closer and closer but now it has happened in reverse way.

I'm still remember that you told me "kokoro" means heart and "tomo" means friend.
It has been 3 years already. Wish you all the best.

This post is dedicated to you, my friend. But I'm not sure if you can reach to my post.

Friend in my heart (best friend, in other words)
kokoro no tomo

When I stole the pain from you, that time
the courage to live flowed inside of me too
Until I met you I was a lonely SASURAI-BITO(*)
Let me feel the warmth in your hand

Love is always a lullaby
When you become tired of the journey
With the friend in your heart
Call me

Forgetting about believing each other
Why do people chase the peaceful days that have gone by
Closing my eyelids quietly, opening the door of my heart
Once you grab me, wipe away my tears

Love is always a lullaby
When you are weak
With the friend in your heart
Call me

Love is always a lullaby
When you become tired of the journey
With the friend in your heart
Call me

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Girl who went missing 18 years ago found in California

                                            Photo :

Authorities say Jaycee Lee Dugard walked into a police station and identified herself 
Daniel Nasaw in Washington and agencies, Thursday 27 August 2009 19.04 BST

Jaycee Lee Dugard, the woman found alive almost two decades after being kidnapped, feels terrible guilt for forming an emotional attachment with her suspected captor, her stepfather said today.
Phillip Garrido, 58, is accused of kidnapping Dugard when she was 11 years old in 1991 and detaining her for nearly two decades in a hidden backyard compound of tents, outbuildings and a shed behind his home on Walnut Avenue in Antioch, in the Bay area of San Francisco.
Investigators said Garrido, a convicted sex offender, raped Dugard and fathered two children with her – the first when she was about 14. Those girls, now 11 and 15, were detained along with their mother.
Dugard's stepfather, Carl Probyn, told ABC television that she was "doing well" following her release, and had been playing with her younger sister.
He said: "My wife says that Jaycee looks good. She looks almost like when she was kidnapped. She looks very young. She doesn't look 29 at all."
But Probyn, 60, who witnessed her abduction and was a longtime suspect in the case, said the family had been troubled to learn the details of her ordeal.
"She feels really guilty for bonding with this man. There's really a guilt trip here," he said.
Probyn said the abduction had "ruined" the lives of everyone in the family. "It broke my marriage up. I've gone through hell, I mean I'm a suspect up until yesterday," he said.
As Jaycee was reunited with her family, more details emerged of the man alleged to have kidnapped her. Garrido, who was being held in connection with various kidnappings and sex charges, was revealed as a religious fanatic who believes he hears the voice of God.
On a blog that appears to have been maintained by Garrido, he says "the Creator has given me the ability to speak in the tongue of angels".
The blog also says that he had hired a private investigator to verify his ability to speak to people using telepathy. The blog post claims he has the ability to "control sound with my mind and have developed a device for others to witness this phenomena".
In a rambling, sometimes incoherent, phone interview with Sacramento television station KCRA 3 last night, Garrido urged people not to judge him until they heard more details of the case.
He said that he had not admitted to a kidnapping and that he had turned his life around since the birth of his first daughter 15 years ago.
"You're going to find the most powerful story coming from the witness, the victim – you wait. If you take this a step at a time, you're going to fall over backwards and in the end, you're going to find the most powerful, heartwarming story," he told KCRA 3.
"I tell you here's the story of what took place at this house and you're going to be absolutely impressed. It's a disgusting thing that took place from the end to the beginning. But I turned my life completely around," he said.
The extraordinary case came to light when Garrido was picked up on Tuesday with two children as he tried to enter the University of California campus in Berkeley to hand out religious literature. The officers said he was acting suspiciously towards the children. After questioning and a background check, they discovered he was on parole and informed his parole officer.
He was ordered to appear for a parole meeting and arrived on Wednesday with Dugard, his wife and two children. During questioning, officials said he admitted kidnapping Dugard. Garrido was charged with kidnapping, conspiracy, rape and committing lewd acts with a minor, according to the records. His wife, Nancy Garrido, 55, is accused of kidnapping and conspiracy. Both are being held on $1m (£614,500) bail.
Officials said Garrido had spent time in jail in Nevada after4 kidnapping and rape convictions in the 1970s, 80s and 90s and was paroled after one stint in 1988 and another in June 1999. It was not immediately clear where Dugard was while Garrido was in custody.
Neighbours and even some of his own family considered Garrido strange as he told them about his messages from God and kept the females at his house from contact with outsiders.
Erika Pratt, 25, who stayed next door two years ago, said she was "freaked out" by Garrido's behaviour, and when she popped her head over the fence she saw his secret compound. There were tents, sheds and pitbull terriers, she said, and water hoses leading from her house next door.
"He had little girls and women living in that backyard, and they all looked kind of the same," Pratt told the San Francisco Chronicle. "They never talked, and they kept to themselves."
Pratt said that people came and went from the property, but the core group consisted of two girls about four years old, one girl about 11, another girl about 15 and a young woman about 25. They were all blonde, she said.
Pratt said she had called Contra Costa County sheriff's deputies to investigate, but that officers "told me they couldn't go inside because they didn't have a warrant".
People who knew Garrido said he had become increasingly fanatical about his religious beliefs in recent years, sometimes breaking out into song and claiming that God spoke to him through a box.
"In the last couple years he started getting into this strange religious stuff. We kind of felt sorry for him," said businessman Tim Allen, who bought business cards and letterheads from Garrido's printing business.
Three times in recent years, Garrido arrived at Allen's showroom with two "cute little blonde girls" in tow, he told KCRA 3. Garrido would talk about quitting the printing business to preach full time and gave the impression he was setting up a church, Allen said.
"He rambled. It made no sense," he said.
Garrido would talk about holding events at UC Berkeley and mentioned the names of important people as if he knew them. Allen said he had no inkling of Garrido's criminal record.
"We never thought anything bad about the guy," Allen said. "He was just kind of nutty."

source :
FBI Kidnapping Investigation Page :


Mary Win - Kicking Stones


"A singer-songwriter with a strong passion for creating songs and singing sea shanties at the top of my lungs when no one else is listening" she said.
Mary Win, a beautiful girl with beautiful black hair, eyes and voice, was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1989. She and her parents immigrated to the USA shortly after she was born.
She is currently living in Seattle, Washington.

Reference :

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This is Air France!!!

Photo : 
After receiving wrong code from the unidentified aircraft, the IAF (Indian Air Force) fighters are rushed to take off into the indian sky early this morning.
It was a flight from France airliner Air France Airbus 343, which switched on a wrong IFF code. A fews miniute later, the mission was terminated as the aircraft changed to the right codes.
IFF codes are to help ground control to differentiate between friend and enemy aircraft. The France aircraft enroute from Paris to Bangkok and had entered Indian airspace after flying over Lahore in Pakistan.

brief story written by lynnnayko 

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To be happy!!! - Myanmar Hiphop and Party Dance

To be happy!!! - Myanmar Hiphop and Party Dance

In the video JMe, G-Tone, Yone Lay, Thazin, Bigg-Y and many more.

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Burmese Bamboostick Music Street Performance.

Burmese Bamboostick Music Street Performance.

They are actually the homeless very poor kids from the City of Yangon(Rangoon), Myanmar(Burma). As they are waiting for people to drop a few cents into their small bucket, they are performing music in return.
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Drowning into....

I'm feeling sweet and feeling bitter.
I'm feeling lighter then heavier.
I'm happy with just hearing the fading sounds.
I starts forgetting about pain and gain.
This is just a moment that I'm drowning into the flame.

ခ်ိဳတလွဲ ႔ ခါးတလွဲ႔
ေပၚတလွဲ႔ ျမဳပ္တလွဲ႔...
သဲ့သဲ့ ၾကားတဲ့ အသံတခ်ိဳ ႔နဲ႔တင္ ငါေပ်ာ္...
အေလွ်ာ္အစားေတြကိုေတာင္ ငါေမ့ေနျပီ....
ဒါဟာ ခဏေလးေပါ့ေလ...အခ်စ္သို႔ နစ္ျမဳပ္ခ်ိန္


Exchange Opportunities for Students in the Americas


Friday, August 28, 10:30am-11:00am
Washington, DC

A lively discussion on exchange and study opportunities in the U.S. The focus will be on new directions in academic and professional exchanges and how students in the Americas can take advantage of these programs. Special attention will be given to popular exchange programs such as the Fulbright, Humphrey, and Gilman scholarships as well as programs for undergraduate and high school study in America. Questions regarding English language programs, academic advising, and the visa process are also welcome. Guest presenter Alina Romanowski is Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Academic Programs.

Presenter Bio:
Ms. Alina L. Romanowski was appointed in May 2009 as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs in the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) where she oversees all academic programs, including the Fulbright Program, the Humphrey Program, Gilman Scholarships, English Language Programs, and international marketing of American education resources and advising. Ms. Romanowski is a graduate of the University of Chicago where she received her Bachelors Degree in History in 1977 and a Masters Degree in International Relations with a concentration in the Middle East in 1980. She speaks French and has studied Arabic and Hebrew.

The above live discussion is likely to be only for student in Americas. If you want to join the discussion, please click on above link and enter your name at announced date and time.

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A blogger plans to sue Google


A blogger planned to sue the Google for violation of privacy. A blogger, Rosemary Port, who posted a rants about model Liskula Cohen said she was a real victim in the case.
Port and her lawyer said on Monday that they will file $15 million lawsuit against the search engine giant for not protecting enough her privacy.

A New York Supreme Court judge ordered Google to reveal Port's identity after Cohen sued the company to acquire information about the anonymous blogger.

In August 2008, Port, a user of Google-owned, created "Skanks in NYC." The site assailed Cohen, 37, a cover girl who has appeared in Vogue and other fashion magazines. The blog featured photos of Cohen accompanied by derogatory terms.
The judge rejected Port's argument that blogs on the Internet "serve as a modern-day forum for conveying personal opinions" and should not be regarded as fact.

And Legal experts said Port is not likely to win her case.

source :


Miss Universe 2009

photo :

New York, NY – August 23, 2009 – This evening, during one of the year’s most exciting live international television events, a star-studded panel of judges chose Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, as MISS UNIVERSE® 2009 live from Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas.
Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, is 18-years-old and she is interested in International Relations.
The judging panel for the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant included: Dean Cain, actor and producer best known for his TV portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman; Colin Cowie, author/television personality/designer to the stars; Gerry DeVeaux, award-winning producer, songwriter and style guru; Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman of CHI Hair Care; Heather Kerzner, Ambassador for Kerzner International and their resorts,
including Atlantis, Paradise Island; Richard LeFrak, Chairman, President and CEO, LeFrak Organization; George Maloof Jr., professional sports mogul and hotelier; Valeria Mazza, international supermodel; Matthew Rolston, leading photographer and director; Andre Leon Talley, award-winning writer and editor; Tamara Tunie, actress, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit;" and Keisha Whitaker, fashion maven and founder of the Kissable Couture lip gloss line.
Throughout the two-hour event, contestants from over 80 countries and territories around the world competed in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and personality interview. Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, crowned her successor at the conclusion of the two-hour primetime telecast before an
estimated worldwide viewing audience of approximately one billion viewers.

Final Results:
First Runner-Up
Miss Domincan Republic, Ada Aimee De La Cruz; will assume the duties of MISS UNIVERSE 2009 if the titleholder for some reason cannot fulfill her responsibilities.
Second Runner-Up
Miss Kosovo, Gona Dragusha.
Rest of Top Five
Miss Australia, Rachael Finch; Miss Puerto Rico, Mayra Matos Perez.
Rest of Top Ten
Miss South Africa, Tatum Keshwar; Miss Czech Republic, Iveta Lutovska; Miss Switzerland, Whitney Toyloy; Miss USA, Kristen Dalton; and Miss France, Chloe Mortaud.
Rest of Top Fifteen
Miss Albania, Hasna Xhukici; Miss Belgium, Zeynep Sever; Miss Croatia, Sarah Cosic;
Miss Iceland, Ingibjorg Egilsdottir; and Miss Sweden, Renate Cerljen.

The MISS UNIVERSE® 2009 prize package includes: the Miss Universe tiara and jewelry designed by Diamond Nexus Labs; a two year scholarship from the New York Film Academy worth more than $100,000 dollars to its acting or film-making programs; an
eveningwear wardrobe from Carlos Alberto; a custom swimsuit wardrobe from BSC Swimwear Thailand; a shoe collection from Nina Footwear; an assortment of Luxe Collection video cameras from DXG USA; a six-day/five-night vacation for two at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas with air travel accommodations by JetBlue Airways; a year-long supply of Farouk Systems products, makers of CHI, the original Ceramic Technology tools; a Skype kit featuring a laptop computer, webcam, speakers and a one-year Unlimited World plan to talk to friends and family; membership to Gravity Fitness and pampering at John Barrett Salon; a fashion portfolio by leading fashion photographer Fadil Berisha; dermatology and skincare services by Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher; consultations with personal stylist Billie Causieestko and access to an event wardrobe from leading fashion designers; a New York City apartment for the year of her reign including living expenses and professional representation by the Miss Universe Organization to further her personal and professional goals.

Source :

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Alizee Vs Miley Cyrus

Alizee - La Isla Bonita

Miley Cyrus - Find your way back home.


Inglourious Basterds

World War II movie Inglourious Basterds, starring Brad Pitt, has entered the North American box office chart at number one. It hit $37.6m (?22.2m) only in its opening week.
It is a 2009 revenge war film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in August 2009 by The Weinstein Company and Universal Pictures. The title was inspired by Italian director Enzo Castellari's 1978 film The Inglorious Bastards, but it is not a remake of that film.

  • Brad Pitt as 1st Lieutenant Aldo Raine
  • Eli Roth as Staff Sergeant Donny Donowitz
  • Til Schweiger as Hugo Stiglitz
  • Gedeon Burkhard as Wilhelm Wicki
  • B. J. Novak as PFC Smithson Utivich
  • Omar Doom as PFC Omar Ulmer
  • Samm Levine as PFC Gerold Hirschberg
  • Paul Rust as PFC Andy Kagan
  • Michael Bacall as PFC Michael Zimmerman.
  • Carlos Fidel as PFC Simon Sakowitz. and many more.
Ref : bbc and wiki

You can watch this movie online at Watch Movie Links


Love and Privacy

Photo :

When people are falling in love, they want to share everythings each other by naturally and it is ok. But sometimes, sharing the thing like email password or private information may lead to serious social problems. Are you sure that you really want your partner know everythings about you, about every single things in your life??? Everybody have their own secrecies and  privacy.

Let say, your girlfriend or boyfriend gives you his/her password and means he/she to let you know every moves he's/she's gonna make. Do you really know him/her? May be he/she will use another account to do another moves and never tell you. In case like that, what are you going to do?
If someone really want to break the promises, they will do it in anyway. Sometimes, loving someone looks like playing a lottery.

Let say, if you are sharing information like your email password. And your partner will check your email and found something which is intending for your eyes only or (nowsday chat program is also available in the several email programs) some of your friends are making joke of you that shoudn't your partner know, then. What will happen?? If your partner is really mature enough, it will be ok. But if not??

I think, the important thing in relationship is trust, respect and faith, not revealing each other privacy. I believe that relationship with no trust or respect or faith will never be lasting.

I'm just presenting my opinions, no intention of making big mouth.

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MySpace buys social music service iLike

Social networking firm MySpace announced it has agreed to acquire iLike, a music recommendation service that's the most popular music application used by members of rival Facebook.

MySpace Chief Executive Officer Owen Van Natta said the Beverly Hills firm plans to extend iLike's scope beyond music to other forms of digital entertainment, including film and video games.

"We believe what iLike has created isn't limited to just music,'' Van Natta said in a conference call to reporters.

Terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed, although published reports have valued the deal at close to $20 million.

Slumping MySpace is owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. MySpace, which cut 30 percent of its workforce earlier this year, has slipped behind Palo Alto's Facebook in popularity.

Launched in 2006, iLike has 55 million registered users across several social network platforms. Through iLike, users can share playlists, buy songs and find concert tickets.

The 26-employee company will remain headquartered in Seattle and founders Ali Partovi, Hadi Partovi and Nat Brown will stay with the firm.

"By joining forces with MySpace, we think we can provide an unmatched social music platform to help you discover music and connect with your favorite artists," the Partovi brothers wrote on the iLike company blog.

With the deal, Van Natta said the company can focus "on areas where MySpace has been strongest. "Music and entertainment are a very important part of people's lives,'' he said.

He also said he expected Facebook and other social networks to be "thrilled'' by the deal. There was no immediate comment from Facebook.

UPDATE: Here's a statement from Facebook:

iLike was one of the first applications built on Facebook Platform and has become a success with more than 10 million monthly active users. We expect that users will continue to discover and share music through the iLike application on Facebook. We look forward to working with the iLike team to make music a great social experience on Facebook and across the Web.

Read more: SFGate.Com

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Faulty Disk

"Hello? Is this the technical support hotline?"
"Yes, this is Carl speaking. How may I help you today?"
"I think my diskettes are faulty. I keep getting the error message bad or invalid disk operation"
"I can help you, but I will need a copy of your defective diskettes to help me diagnose the problem. Could you send a copy to our customer care centre?"
A few days later, a package arrived for Carl from the customer. The package contained several photocopied pages, they were copies of the diskettes.

Source :


The Chant of Metta - Imee Ooi

The original version of this song is "The Chant of Metta" by Imee Ooi.
Imee Ooi is a malaysian music producer, composer, arranger and vocalist who brings traditional Buddhist chants, mantras and dharanis (typically from the Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan or Mandarin languages) into sung versions with accompanying musical scores. She also is a classical pianist by training.

What Is Love??

Everybody!!! It's party time. Check this out.

A Chit So Dar Bar Lel (What is Love?) Techno Trance

Singer : Alex
Composer : Ye' Linn Thu
Starring : Alex, A.K.Bo
Remixed, Produced and Arranged By : A.K.Bo

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Bay Of Bangal


Photo : Andrew's FB

Hi all
Myanmar's Rock Star Lay Phyu's BOB (Bay of Bangal) MTV is now available online at with High Quality.

Kindly visit to rock your Friday Evening @ : All-Channel.COM


Oh La Naw...My Love

Of course, today is friday. I'm gonna present you with the awesome thai song from Bird Thongchai which was released in late year 2005. I don't really know its meaning but still remember the club playing this song at 2006 new year party at Bangkok.
Only a few things I can recall from my memory about that night are "this song and a thing in my hand". It was really great at that night.'s show time!!!. Have a beautiful day and weekend ahead!!...

Hope you enjoyed it, friends... Thanks a lot for visiting. I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me.

Exploding iPhone/iPod Touches

Photo : MapsDds

Apple's iPhones and iPod Touches are being examined by the European Commission after a few incidents in which the devices exploded.

There are reportedly two incidents in France involving an iPhone and one in Britain with an iPod Touch. A spokesperson for the commission said that Apple was cooperating and labeled the incidents "isolated."

An Apple spokesperson told Reuters that the company was aware of the reports but would not comment until receiving more information.

In one case, a teenager in France was hurt when an iPhone overheated, hissed and shattered, sending glass into the boy's eyes. A similar incident in Britain reportedly occurred with an iPod Touch that exploded and flew into the air.

KIRO TV in Seattle obtained 800 pages of documents from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that found there have been 15 reports burn and fire-related incidents involving iPods. Last year, after the Japanese government warned of fire risks from iPod Nanos, Apple offered to replace batteries in some of the devices.

Read more: SFGate.Com

Taxi-Cheaters At Bangkok (Another Taxi Scandal of Bangkok, Thailand)

Photo :

I was shocked and upset when i experienced this kind of incident at the city of Bangkok, Thailand.
Actually, I have heard this kind of stories many times. May be, some of you guys also had an experience of it. Beware of Taxi if you are coming to Bangkok.
My brother who's working as Seaman arrived to Bangkok last night and called me to meet him at Tesco Lotus which is near by Port Authority of Thailand at Klongteoy District of Bangkok.

This morning, I left my place at around 8 AM to get there and planned to get back at around 10 AM with my two friends of mine.
We hired a taxi and showed him the map and make sure he knew the place before getting aboard it.

He said he knew the place gave the sign "OK".
I actually knew that route since I have been to that place once. And we got on it and started the trip.
The driver, he took the another route which different from what I know.
First, I thought he took this route because of rush-hour traffic (BKK's traffic are so crowded like hell in the morning and the evening).
And he went into Gas Station and then started taking wrong route. I tried to warn him and got a reply "sabai sabai".
After I saw the road sign those are not supposed to be shown on our route, I decided to ask him to stop the car and get off.
Unbelievable, He is still trying to cheat us until I got angry and started talking with hard tone.
I would like to warn all of my friends and reader of this post to be aware of taxi-cheater when you are giving visit to Bangkok, Thailand.

Fixed-Rate Taxi at Bangkok
And I'm also surprised to know about the fixed-rate taxi with meter.
We took the taxi from Tesco Lotus at Klongteoy near PAT to YWCA, Sathorn Rd to do remittance. We were asked to pay 100 Baht. And surprised that same story on this case when returning from YWCA to PAT, this time 150 Baht. My brother and his friend have to return to their ship in time, they have no choice except to pay asked amount.

Above incidents were all happened under the sunny day light. I'm really upset today, my friends.
Thanks for reading my post and really appreciate for your visit. It means a lot to me. Please excuse me for my poor English.

Guang Liang Vs R-ZarNi

I'm willing to change into the angel you love in those fairytales. I'll open my arms wide, turn them into wings to protect you.

Guang Liang - Tong Hua

R-ZarNi - Koh A Nar Shi Say Chin


Cindy Vs Lydia

Thu Ma Thi Lae - Cindy

Lydia- ThamMaiMaiRapSakThi Special (ลิเดีย:ทำไมไม่รับสักที)


Friends Forever

This post is dedicated to all my friends from Ahlone 6 and MCC.


Wine Su Khine Thein New Album

Title: Listen Myanmar Mp3 Album | Song | Music



Mothers' Day of Thailand

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's birthday on August 12 is a public holiday, celebrated nationwide as Mother's Day. Individual people and organizations raise flags and portraits of Her Majesty in Bangkok and all over the kingdom.

Born M.R. Sirikit Kitiyakara in 1932, Her Majesty the Queen has captured the hearts of the Thai people through her devotion to improving the welfare and well-being of her subjects. The Queen is perhaps best known for her efforts in reviving many of Thailand's folk arts and crafts. Her Majesty's SUPPORT Foundation (Foundation for the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Her Majesty the QueenRelated Techniques) has expanded progressively since its establishment in 1976 to include craft shops in the city and popular tourist areas, and two Thai Folk Arts and Crafts Training Centers at Chitralada Villa and at Bangsai in Ayutthaya.

On Her Majesty's birthday, one of the best places to join in the celebrations is on Bangkok's Ratchadamnoen Avenue and the areas around the Grand Palace, which are festooned with colorful lights, flowers and portraits for this special occasion.

Reference :



credited to Andrew Hlaing.

try...catch Statement for JavaScript

This is the syntax for try...catch statement of JavaScript.

//error handling

And you can add finally{} if you need.




Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to an additional 18 months house arrest by a court in Rangoon.

Ms Suu Kyi, a Nobel peace laureate, was convicted of violating state security laws by allowing a US national into her lakeside home after he swam there.

She was jailed for three years with hard labour, but this was commuted to house arrest, an official said.

American John Yettaw was jailed for seven years, four with hard labour.

Ms Suu Kyi, who has spent nearly 14 of the past 20 years in detention, had denied the charge but said she expected to be convicted.

Journalists had unexpectedly been allowed to enter the courtroom in Rangoon's Insein prison shortly before the sentence was announced.
More at BBC News

Source : BBC News

JavaScript IsNumeric Function

Below is the simple function to validate numeric with Javascript on your webpage.

function IsNumeric(sText)

var ValidChars = "0123456789.";
var IsNumber=true;
var Char;

for (i = 0; i < sText.length && IsNumber == true; i++)
Char = sText.charAt(i);
if (ValidChars.indexOf(Char) == -1)
TextBox1.value = 'Default';
IsNumber = false;
return IsNumber;


To Return Multiple Values From Javascript Function

Sometimes, we seriously need to return multiple values from javascipt function. I believed that following piece of code will help you through this if you are in need.

function multipleValues()
return {america : 'USA', europe : 'UK'};




I'm thinking about flying in the rain.
And crying on the flame.
I'm trying to get a train (without ticketing).
Trying to laundry the plates with a machine...


21st Anniversary

Today is the 21st Anniversary of Burma's 8888 Democracy Movement. But the country still under military dictatorship.
I hereby salute all of brothers and sister who sacrified their lives for our country and freedom.

Salute!!!! National Anthem of the Union of Burma

Remove one video due to its low quality.


Tearing Sunset

Standing alone in the evening...
No way of breath can make sweetness...
I'm gonna be crying alone while wearing a smile....

တေယာက္ထဲ ရပ္ေနတဲ့ ညေန
ေလေျပေတြေတာင္ မခ်ိဳႏိုင္ေတာ့တဲ့ အဆံုး...
အျပံဳးေလးတပြင့္နဲ႔ပဲ ငါ ငိုပါ့မယ္။။။။။။



A new sign in the Bank Lobby reads:

"Please note that this Bank is installing new Drive-through ATM machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. Customers using this new facility are requested to use the procedures outlined below when accessing their accounts.

After months of careful research, MALE and FEMALE procedures have been developed.

Please follow the appropriate steps for your gender:


1. Drive up to the cash machine.
2. Put down your car window.
3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN.
4. Enter amount of cash required and withdraw.
5. Retrieve card, cash and receipt.
6. Put window up.
7. Drive off.


1. Drive up to cash machine.
2. Reverse and back up the required amount to align car window with the machine.
3. Set parking brake, put the window down.
4. Find handbag, remove all contents on to passenger seat to locate card.
5. Tell person on cell phone you will call them back and hang up.
6. Attempt to insert card into machine.
7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its excessive distance from the car.
8. Insert card.
9. Re-insert card the right way.
10. Dig through handbag to find diary with your PIN written on the inside back page.
11. Enter PIN.
12. Press cancel and re-enter correct PIN.
13. Enter amount of cash required.
14. Check makeup in rear view mirror.
15. Retrieve cash and receipt.
16. Empty handbag again to locate wallet and place cash inside.
17. Write debit amount in check register and place receipt in back of checkbook.
18. Re-check makeup.
19. Drive forward 2 feet.
20. Reverse back to cash machine.
21. Retrieve card.
22. Re-empty hand bag, locate card holder, and place card into the slot provided.
23. Give dirty look to irate male driver waiting behind you.
24. Restart stalled engine and pull off.
25. Redial person on cell phone.
26. Drive for 2 to 3 miles.
27. Release Parking Brake.

Source : EMail


There's no one when I looks back.
There's not a single noise when I'm listening.
But I'm still hearing and seeing something although not a thing existing in my sensing range.
Feels like nothing under my feet.
Seems like sleeping under the deepest ground.
Found nothings and sounds like mad man's screaming....
There's a dawn coming when I facing somethings.....


How to call javascript functions from VB.NET and using WebBrowser Control

Today I would like to present about the .NET Web Browser Control and triggering javascript functions from VB.NET Windows Form application.

The class WebBrowser is from .NET Framework Class Library which are available to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/.NET Framework 3.5, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/.NET Framework 2.0, .NET Framework 3.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/.NET Framework 4.0.

This control, WebBrowser enables the developer to navigate web pages inside the windows form.

Some of the methods on WebBrowser control are as followed

and some events are Navigating, Navigated and DocumentCompleted and so on.

Example 1 :
webBrowser1.Navigate(New Uri(address))
Catch ex As System.UriFormatException
End Try

Example 2 :
'WebBrowser1.Navigate(UrlString As String,newWindow As Boolean)
WebBrowser1.Navigate("\mypage.html", False)

Calling JavaScript from the Page in "mypage.html" which is navigating in WebBrowser Control.

Example 1 :
'Calling Javascript Functions with parameters
WebBrowser1.Document.InvokeScript("DoSomething", _
New String() {"param1","param2"})

Example 2 :
'Calling Javascript functions without parameters

Hope this will help.
Thanks and Regards


Reference : MSDN

Thailand Prime Minister launches new website

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva revealed that he has launched a new website as as a channel to communicate with the public during the press conference..

The public can post their opinions and questions and the Prime Minister would answer them which had the most votes every week.

The website URL is

Source : NBT News

InfoWorld confirms critical Windows 7 bug

InfoWorld's tests of the final Windows 7 version (the RTM, or "release to manufacturing") confirms a massive memory leak that occurs when the chkdsk.exe utility is run. Chkdsk.exe scans the PC's hard drives looking for errors in the files and file structures. The memory leak -- which can cause the PC to stop operating -- occurs when chkdsk.exe is run on secondary disks, as opposed to the disk Windows is installed on.

The bug was first reported this morning at several Web sites. Microsoft is due to ship Windows 7 on Oct. 22, and it finalized the Windows RTM in mid-July.

Source and More Detail : InfoWorld

Why Brides Wear White?

A little girl at a wedding asked, "Mommy, why do brides always wear white?" The mom replied, "Because they're happy, dear."

Halfway through the wedding the girl whispered, "Mommy, if brides wear white because they're happy, then why do men wear black?"

Source :

Amazing Drawing

An 18-year-old has secretly painted a 60ft drawing of a phallus on the roof of his parents' £1million mansion in Berkshire. It was there for a year before his parents found out. They say he'll have to scrub it off when he gets back from travelling.

News and Photo are from BBC-Newsbeat


2012 is an upcoming American science fiction disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich. The film has an ensemble cast, including John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson. The film will be distributed by Columbia Pictures. Filming began in August 2008 in Vancouver; the film is expected to be released worldwide on November 13, 2009.

2012 was originally scheduled to be released on July 10, 2009. The release date was changed to November 13, 2009 to move out of the busy summer schedule into a time frame that the studio considered to have more potential for financial success. According to the studio, the film could have been completed for the summer release date, but the date change will give more time to the production.

Source and More at : wikipedia


N Korea released two US Journalists

I would like to start a day with great news of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il gives the special pardon on two US journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Now they are on their way back to home with former President of the United States Mr Bill Clinton.

Source : FM107 News.
More Detail : CNN.Com
Above brief report written by lynnnayko

Customized Functions for Google Maps with JavaScript

I'm sorry about delaying to submit new posts since I've been busy with other matters such as going out with ladies (actually in my dream), attending social events, talking and storming at tea shop with my friends about current world business and political issues :P and blah blah blah.
OK... let's get to the point. My previous assignment was to create the functions to use google maps with vb windows form program. Today, I'm going to present about the javascript functions to map display and map scrolling.

//*************************Map Display

* GBrowserIsCompatible() is to check if the browser is compatible to use gmap.
function zoomIn() {
if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) {
if (map.getZoom() < 17){ map.setCenter(map.getCenter(),map.getZoom()+1); } } } /* * GBrowserIsCompatible() is to check if the browser is compatible to use gmap. */ function zoomOut() { if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) { if (map.getZoom() > 0 ){

* GBrowserIsCompatible() is to check if the browser is compatible to use gmap. 5 indicate the zoom level.
function zoomExtend() {
if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) {
map.setCenter(new GLatLng(lat, lng), 5);

* GBrowserIsCompatible() is to check if the browser is compatible to use gmap.
* map.returnToSavedPosition() to return to the saved position point. In order to use this function you will need to save the position first by using this function * map.savePosition();
function setZoomPrevious()

* To set the scale of the map.
function setScale(scaleLevel)
if(scaleLevel<=17 && scaleLevel>=0)

* To get the scale of the map.
function getScale()
return map.getZoom();

//********* Map Scrolling

// ** To move the map upward.
function setPanUp()
map.panBy(new GSize (0,100));

// ** To move the map downward.
function setPanDown()
map.panBy(new GSize(0,-100));// (x,y)

// ** To move the map to the left.
function setPanLeft()
map.panBy(new GSize (-100,0)); // (x,y)

// ** To move the map to the right.
function setPanRight()
map.panBy(new GSize (100,0)); // (x,y)

// ** To move the map upward and left.
function setPanLeftUp()
map.panBy(new GSize(50,100));

// ** To move the map upward and right.
function setPanRightUp()
map.panBy(new GSize(50,-100));

// ** To move the map downward and right.
function setPanRightDown()
map.panBy(new GSize(-100,50));

// ** To move the map downward and left.
function setPanLeftDown()
map.panBy(new GSize(-50,-100));


The above functions are created by myself using google map's built-in functions.

Thank you.


BBC E-mail: Several wounded in Thai jet crash

Lynn Nay Ko saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
should see it.

** Several wounded in Thai jet crash **
Several passengers are injured when a plane skids off the runway on a Thai tourist island, reports say.
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